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Hey !

Drawing takes me a lot of time even if I like it. So I decide to design several products for sale with one of my drawing. And guess what ? My drawing sounds different on one product to another ! Like the idea !

Hope this will have some success :)

Hey ! 


Today is a great day ! I have drawn several girls dancing on the floor ! They are a little naughty and wish to show their shirts. It has been a pleasure for me to draw their bodies and I am happy about the result ! I hope you will enjoy my work.


And now, I will start a new work, a horror movie inspired fanart ! I wish to realize a drawing inspired by Ringu, the japanese movie !

Horror movie art !

2016-09-18 16:10:42 by borntodream

Hi guys !

I've published on Newsgrounds my first drawing isnpired by an horror movie.


Let's be clear, I don't want to draw gore scenes or something too much awful. i'd rather like to draw some scenes in which there may be fear.

My first drawing need to be encouraged, and me too ! I currently think about my next drawing. And for the moment, I need to take time to find the good subject, the good angle.

Enjoy the drawing :)